Round-up of 17th FIRE Newsletter

The latest FIRE Newsletter offers a snapshot of the latest developments and upcoming events for the FIRE community. Here's a snapshot of the main developments for test facilities and open calls.

Facilities open for testing

“It is with a great pleasure that I announce the opening of the OneLab facility for experimentally-driven research. You are welcome to start using it today!” With these words Prof. Serge Fdida opened the OneLab facility as a rich European federation of a diverse set of exciting experimental resources to be accessed, and benefited from, through a single entry point.

Does your wireless solution work? Test it on CREW! Best effort access & basic support: CREW offers best effort access to the facilities free of charge for non-commercial use, including basic support (i.e. information from portal, guidelines, tutorials, handbooks, and limited technical support). - Guaranteed access & advanced support: If more guarantees are required on the availability of infrastructure and more advanced technical support is needed, it is possible to submit a proposal application for an Open Access experiment with guaranteed availability and support.

Open Calls

FLEX - The 1st Open Call for proposals has been announced in September 2014.

The FLEX project is looking for experiments which will enhance and extend the FLEX facilities or conduct cutting edge research experiments using LTE equipment and existing tools.

SUNRISE 1st Open Call - The major objective of this SUNRISE Open Call is to enlarge the infrastructure capacity of SUNRISE project (underwater IoT), by additional activities and testbeds. Key goals focus on balanced geographical distribution of infrastructures across Europe; increased heterogeneity of infrastructures and diversity of monitoring and service capabilities; greater diversity of underwater sensor technologies; expanding services and applicability; exploitation.

2nd Fed4FIRE Open Call for SME Experimenters - This Open Call targets only SME Experimenters and offers succesful candidates maximum funding of €25,000 per proposal and maximum of one organisation participating in the proposal. The total available budget for the SME experimenters in this Call is €100,000. The Submission date is 30 October 2014.