FIRE: FLEX Open Call, June 2014

The first FLEX Open Call is open. The goal of this call is to attract proposals for innovative usage of the deployed facilities, sophisticated experiments or even functional extensions of the LTE components.

The FLEX 1st Open Call for proposals will be announced on 30th June 2014.

Indicative experiments for Setup 1

Comparison of a new LTE functionality with the commercial approach.

Conducting measurements in an urban environment (macro-cells) or in an indoor setup (pico-cells) of a commercial LTE setup.

Experimentation with handoffs between macro-cells, pico-cells or small-cells or heterogeneous handovers between cells of different levels (e.g. macro to pico).

Experiments with real mobility in a commercial setup in an every day's basis (e.g. monitoring the behavior of a multimedia application that runs on Android phones that are carried by volunteers around the campus.

If you have an interesting idea for an experiment that could be executed over the FLEX facility, contact us the FLEX project.