Bridging the gap between Future Internet Research, Innovation and Business

Building on the success of the FI-PPP workshop at the FUSECO Forum 2013, XIFI, the capacity building project of the European FI-PPP programme, is hosting an international FI-PPP workshop in conjunction with the 5th FUSECO Forum 2014. Taking place on 13 November in Berlin, this international workshop focuses on bridging the gap between future internet research, innovation and business.

The full day workshop intends to promote the European Future Internet – Public Private Partnership Programme (FI-PPP), to foster collaborations with related regional and international initiatives and to jointly discuss strategies for sustainability and commercial exploitation.

The FI-PPP workshop is organised in 5 sessions, 1 panel and 1 demo session:
Session 1: Future Internet Research and Innovation in Europe and the US
Session 2: FIRE today and tomorrow
Session 3: The final phase of the FI-PPP, Status Quo and Quo Vadis
Session 4: FI-PPP’s SME Usage – An overview of utilization and application developments so far
Session 5: EIT ICT Labs fostering exploitation of Future Internet R&D and supporting SMEs to go to market
Panel Discussion: FI-PPP’s exploitation, usage and sustainability
Demo Session: Results of Berlin FI-PPP Hackathon/FI-WARE challenge

Milon Gupta, CI-FIRE coordinator, is giving a presentation on "CI-FIRE: How startups and SMEs can benefit from EIT ICT Labs and FIRE", in session 5, which focuses on mapping the supply and demand for future internet technologies.

The idea is to jointly discuss with European FI-PPP infrastructure providers, FIRE test bed owners, the EIT ICT Labs, FI-PPP business accelerators and business strategy developers, and delegates from the U.S. Discussions will centre on:

- synergies, options and strategies for sustaining future internet technologies and platforms.

- strategies for bridging the gap from research and development to innovation and business.