Fed4FIRE Open call for SMEs

Fed4FIRE has a compelling set of success stories of small and large businesses testing new future internet products and services on its federed test beds. If you are an ICT-savvy SME with a beta technology or a new idea, take advantage of this opportunity. Successful SMEs receive both funding and a personal mentor.

Call information:

- Project full name: Fed4FIRE: Federation for FIRE

- Project grant agreement number: 318389

- Call identifier: Fed4FIRE-SME-2

- Call title: 2nd Fed4FIRE Competitive Call - Innovative Experiments by SMEs

Submission deadline: 30 October 2014, at 17:00 Brussels local time

Feasibility check deadline 23 October 2014, at 17:00 Brussels local time – it is enough to contact Fed4FIRE by e-mail, to full fill this requirement, and we will help you!

Financial information:

- Maximum requested funding per experiment € 25 000

- An extra € 10 000 per experiment will be allocated to the Fed4FIRE consortium partner acting as patron

- Total available funding for this Call : € 100 000

- An extra € 40 000 for this call will be allocated to the Fed4FIRE consortium partners acting as patron

The proposer:

- Proposals will only be accepted from a single party eligible for participation in the EC FP7-projects

- Can only be selected for funding for one proposal (even if the proposer submitted multiple proposals that are ranked high enough to be selected for funding)

- Parties having been selected in previous Fed4FIRE Open Calls are not eligible to participate again

Detailed information about the open call and its aspects can be retrieved online and in the attached document.
Language in which the proposal must be submitted: English