FUSION WS: Future Internet Opportunities for Innovative European Startup & Enterprises

Report of the FUSION workshop: The Future Internet Opportunities for Innovative European Startup & Enterprises

ICT-savvy SMEs with a future internet beta technology and innovative entrepreneurs with a new idea have much to gain from using ICT test facilities before going to market. Many businesses have already benefitted from the facilities offered by the Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE) initiative.

The services of the FIRE test facilities support many different technologies for the future internet. Examples include wireless solutions (CREW), multi-venue experimentation service (EXPERIMEDIA), IoT for underwater communications (SUNRISE), LTE tetbeds for open experimentation (FLEX), and federated test beds (Fed4FIRE).

The FUSION workshop on 14 October 2014 in Aveiro (Portugal) shone the spotlight on FIRE success stories from a business perspective. ICT players in the Portuguese market, especially innovative SMEs, discovered opportunities for cost-effective testing of FI products and services. Several small companies also presented their innovative solutions.

FUSION highlighted the ways in which it supports SMEs to use and benefit from FIRE test facilities. Fed4FIRE showed how SMEs can benefit from its current open call, which offers seed funds and mentors.

The workshop was organised in close collaboration with Ubiwhere, the Instituto de Telecomunicacoes of Aveiro and TICE.PT. 

PT Inovacao: developing innovative products & services in the ICT landscape
FUSION to support SMEs with R&D verification and testing of Future Internet Products and Services
Testing your Future Internet services and solutions using the Fed4FIRE federation
FLEX - FIRE LTE tetbeds for open experimentation
CREW-Evaluate you wireless solution: success stories in CREW
SUNRISE: Underwater communications development and testing
EXPERIMEDIA: Using Live Events to Drive SME Innovation

OneLab: Open for business
SOUL-FI : FIWARE Accelerators
CITYBRAIN: Smart Cities
Wavecom: Smart Cities wireless communication and monitoring