CI-FIRE @ WS: Experimental Platforms in H2020

CI-FIRE presented at the Open Consultation Workshop on experimental platforms H2020 in Brussels on October 2014.

The workshop brings together experts from the future internet experimentation and research (FIRE) to discuss FIRE+ in Horizon 2020. Special emphasis is on the availability of ICT test facilities in the near future and new initiatives funded through the first round of H2020 competitive calls.

Martin Potts, Martel Consulting, represents CI-FIRE with insights in sustainability models for FIRE facilities. Other FIRE representatives include: AmpliFIRE: FIRE Radar – Hans Schaffers; Fed4FIRE: Perspectives for Federation (incl. Sustainability) – Brecht Vermeulen; Advanced Network Experimentation – Mauro Campanella; FUSION: Targeting SMEs – Monique Calisti; CI-FIRE: Sustainability models for FIRE facilities – Martin Potts.

The workshop also features strategic failities: IoT/Smart Cities - Martin Brynskov, Aarhus University; IoT/Smart Buildings - Sebastien Ziegler, Mandat Intl.; IoT/M2M – Adel Al-Hezmi, Fraunhofer FOKUS; ITS Traffic Sensing - Pedro Jose Marron, Univ Duisburg; Networking aspects of V2X - Javier Gonzalez, Miguel Hernández Univ.; Cognitive Radio - Ingrid Moerman, iMINDS; Maritime/Waterways: Chiara Petrioli, UoR La Sapienza.

The event wraps up with a discussion on Facilities in support of [E1] 5G, IoT and [E2] Cloud.