Future Internet Opportunities for Innovative European Startup & Enterprises

Future Internet Opportunities for Innovative European Startup & Enterprises - Portugal, October 14th, 2014

Startups and SMEs do not typically have access to the 100s of nodes they need to test and fine-tune products and services for the future internet. Through FIRE, future internet research and experimentation, Europe has built up a rich set of cutting-edge ICT test facilities that enable innovators, ICT-savvy SMEs and entrepreneurs with a beta technology or new idea that is not fully tested to validate it before going to market.

This workshop brings together European startups and businesses with ICT test facilities to learn about new opportunities for the future internet and get practical tips on how to get on board.

Workshop features

The workshop focuses on the benefits of future internet ICT test facilities for
Eng. Lagarto, PT Inovacao: developing innovative products & services in the ICT landscape

Nikos Isaris, DG CONNECT (tbc), the FIRE Offering to European SMEs
Roman Kaurson, JCP and FUSION Project Coordinator, FUSION to support SMEs with R&D verification and testing of Future Internet Products and Services

Connecting SMEs to the Future Internet: testing facilities and infrastructures
Fed4FIRE (tbc): Cloud/SDN development and testing | Wireless Sensor Networks development and testing
SUNRISE: Underwater communications development and testing
Flex (tbc): Mobile Broadband development and testing
CREW: Cognitive Radio development and testing   

On the business benefits of Future Internet facilities for SMEs
Experimedia: Using live events to drive SME innovation
CityFlow: title (tbc)

The Portuguese SME scene
Ubiwhere - Smart Cities Unified Solutions (Bike Emotion, Smart parking, Smart Cities M2M Platform, QoS)
Wavecom - Smart Cities wireless communication and monitoring
Micro I/O - Smart schools

Q&A session: giving the audience the opportunity to play an active role in the discussion and provide them with a better understanding of how to engage in deployment of FIRE resources

Accommodation: you can email the Hotel Moliceiro to take advantage of the special reservation service made possible by PT Inovação e Sistema.

Alternatively, you can choose from these hotels that are about 10 minutes from the venue:

Hotel Aveiro Palace
Hotel Meliã Ria Aveiro
Hotel Imperial

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