Better support for SMEs in their use of ICT Test Facilities

European ICT test facilities, like the FIRE facilities, offer key benefits to small businesses for product validation, incuding public services, measuring the financial cost and experimenting with networking solutions in real but controlled environments. However, it is key to improve current support mechanisms so they are more in line with the specific requirements of small businesses.

These requirements include:

Changes to OpenCalls for using European testbeds. A product cycle of 12 weeks rather than 12 months would help them manage their development more effectively. Less paperwork and resources when applying for funding. Access to expertise in the product and marketplace development when using EU testbeds to help them position and validate their products. Access to user communities in the FIRE testbeds, which is currently felt to be lacking but is central for testing products especially retail products using social media applications like Facebook and Twitter

Source: FUSION - Connecting SMEs to Future Internet