Agenda for FIRE Community and 2nd CI-FIRE Industry Workshops

Presentations from FIRE Community Workshop and 2nd CI-FIRE Industry Workshop

Future Internet Testing - Opportunities for European Businesses

24 March 2015, The Egg, Brussels
Co-hosts: FUSION, FanTaaStic Broker Service of the EIT ICT Labs and AmpliFIRE

09:30 - 11:30 FIRE Community Workshop 

This session looked at new directions for methodologies and tools for Future Internet experimentation and plans for a future agenda. The focus was both on foundations, methods and tools for experimentally driven research on networking technologies as well as smart systems and applications in societal domains. It covered three aspects: Viewpoints from new FIRE projects regarding their methodology approaches, requirements and challenges; presentations from existing FIRE projects that have contributed to federation, to experimental toolsets and to curation and archiving of experimental data; and discussions about recommendations to the EC and the FIRE community regarding opportunities to increase the effectiveness of FIRE projects by exploiting common tools and approaches.
Chair: Hans Schaffers, Aalto University and AmpliFIRE
Session 1: Introduction to FIRE experimental Methodology - current & future 
Quo Vadis FIRE, Anastasius Gavras, Eurescom
Session 2: FIRE Methodology perspectives from newer FIRE projectsModerated by Hans Schaffer, Aalto University and AmpliFIRE coordinator 
Organicity - Martin Brynskov, University of Aarhus | IoT Labs: Extending FIRE towards end-users & pervasive experiments - Sebastien Ziegler, Mandat International | FORGE Methodology John Domingue, Open University
Session 3: FIRE Methodology existing FIRE projects Moderated by Stefan Bouckaert, iMinds / FED4FIRE
FIRE Metholodogies: Fed4FIRE - Stefan Bouckaert, iMinds | FLEX: Test beds for open experimentationNikos Makris, University of Thessalia and CERTH/NITOS | EVARILOS Benchmarkinh: Methodology Achievements & Future ChallengesVlado Handzisky, TU Berlin
Session 4: Wrap-up on recommendations to the EC and FIRE Community - Moderated by Scott Kirkpatrick, AmpliFIRE

11:45 - 18:30 2nd CI-FIRE Industry Workshop

Welcome to the 2nd Industry Workshop

Two short presentations set the scene for the 2nd CI-FIRE Industry Workshop and the opportunities for SMEs to innovate in the marketplace with cutting-edge test beds. Milon Gupta introduced CI-FIRE and its focus on the sustainability of ICT test facilities funded through the Future Internet Experimentation and Research (FIRE) initiative and national funds. Monique Calisti presented the main goals of FUSION, which is to connect innovative firms to FIRE to enable the testing and validation of new products and services for the future internet. Joel Bacquet from the European Commission explained the importance of industry involvement in FIRE and the advantages this has for both the demand and supply sides. Organisations presenting at the CI-FIRE 2nd Industry Workshop

Welcome Milon Gupta, Eurescom and CI-FIRE Coordinator and Monique Calisti, Martel Consulting and FUSION

Future Internet Research and Experimentation - getting industry on board Joel Bacquet, DG CONNECT, European Commission

Chair: Martin Potts, Martel Consulting | Profiles of chair and speakers
This session showed cutting-edge test-bed services covering diverse technologies with a focus on benefits for users, especially SMEs and entrepreneurs that need to test a beta technology or new idea. Alexander Willner shone the spotlight on FanTaaStic a new broker service for ICT test facility owners and users. Loic Baron presented OneLab, a complementary service with a focus on the multinet as we move towards the era of parallel networks. Stefan Bouckaert offered insights into the iMinds approach to offering test beds to businesses with valuable practical tips for peer ICT test facility owners. Halid Hrasnica highlighted key outputs of CI-FIRE to facilitate sustainability with a focus on developing new added value services to enhance current FIRE offers.
Chair: Uwe Herzog, Eurescom | Profiles of chair and speakers
Testing and building scalable web-based services George Ioannidis, IN2, an SME based in Edinburgh, UK 
Users are crucial for the sustainability of FIRE test facilities. This session was a showcase of FIRE benefits featuring talks from SMEs that have used FIRE test facilities to develop and/or commercialise new products and services. Routek is part of a public-private partnership established by CONFINE. a cloud-based community network. This small, innovative firm is now building and selling small and efficient computer devices designed by CONFINE as home servers. With the support of EXPERIMEDIA, IN2 has developed the mymeedia digital service and tested it for scalability with BonFIRE. 
Chair: Milon Gupta, Eurescom | Profiles of chair and panellists
Mirko Presser, Alexandra Institute, Smart City Lab and President of the IoT Forum
Fabrizio Davide, CROSS project coordinator, USGM Smart city foundations
The panellists offered insights into business opportunities coming from cloud computing, IoT and big data. Georgio Micheletti from IDC explained how we are moving away from traditional vertical markets towards smart environments that are Internet-enabled and crossing over different industries and with a stronger focus on applications. Mirko Presser highlighted new trends towards user-driven applications and the challenge of reducing diconnect between IT developers and market needs. Fabrizio Davide offered a different perspective by focusing attention of citizen-driven Internet-enabled services, especially for the most vulnerable members of society and how CROSS is helping to better serve them through pilot deployments in four European cities.
Chair: Monique Calisti, Martel Consulting | Profiles of chair and panellists
Knowledgeable Management of Wireless Networks Serafim Kotrotsos, Incelligent
Ronan Breen, European Business and Innovation Network 
Raph Crouan, Startupbootcamp IoT 
Fenareti Lampthaki, Digital Business Innovation
Incelligent is an Athens-based start-up that is leveraging the research results of WINGS-ICT, an SME that focuses only on R&D in the future internet domain. Serafim Kotrotsos showcased the firm's innovative solution for wireless networks, explaining how it can help make significant energy and cost savings for telecom and network providers. The panel then discussed the specific needs of small firms when it comes to testing new products and services, offering practical tips and best practices such as flexibility in meeting these needs. 
Chair: Hans Schaffers, Aalto University and AmpliFIRE coordinator | Profiles of chair and speakers
GÉANT e-infrastructure for Horizon 2020 Michael Enrico and Peter Szegedi, GÉANT Limited
Towards a FIRE educational ecosystem John Domingue, The Open University and FORGE
This session brought together the GÉANT pan-European network infrastructure as a key service for FIRE distributed test facilities and two on-going FIRE initiatives: FORGE and SmartFIRE. Michael Enrico presented the added value of GÉANT and new test-bed services to ensure it continues to support innovative test and validation services. John Domingue showcased FORGE (Forging Online Eeducation through FIRE), which is part of the online education revolution bridging the gaps between FIRE and the educational community, thereby tapping into a significant market potential. Loic Baron from SmartFIRE brought international perspectives, showing how leading European and South Korean organisations in the domain are working together to break new ground in networking and software defined networking technologies. All in all, the session offered insights into the emerging FIRE ecosystem of services, complementing the morning workshop hosted by AmpliFIRE.