Seminar: Social&Smart, 17 December 2014, Boecillo, Spain

Social&Smart focuses on improving the efficiency of household appliances at the service of the persons. The way is a physical and computational networked infrastructure allowing household appliances to better understand the needs of their owners. This network household appliances is an example of Internet of Things.

The latest achievements are being showcased at a half-day seminar at Fundación CARTIF headquarters on the morning of 17 December 2014. The seminar revolves around two sessions. One of them looks at the intelligence core of the SandS system. Scientific partners explain how Social&Smart generate recipes for complying with user requirements and refining them with user evaluations. Then, the role of the domestic island within the Social & Smart infrastructure is presented. The seminar wraps up with the latest news and trends about Social Networks and new equipment that is driving an entire new approach to household appliances as we embrace the Internet of Things (IoT).


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